Academy of California Adoption Lawyers

Academy of California Family Formation Lawyers

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The Academy's annual adoption/ART seminar was held on March 21, 2015, at Loyola Law School. Click below for more information or to order a DVD and written materials for MCLE credit.
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The Academy of California Adoption Lawyers and the Academy of California Family Formation Lawyers are invitational societies of family formation law attorneys whose membership is limited to those licensed California attorneys with extensive adoption and assisted reproduction expertise whose practices are of the highest standards of ethics and professional competence. The Academy is a California non-profit corporation, and its members are separate and individual law practitioners.  

ACAL and ACFFL ATTORNEYS ASSIST the public in identifying competent family formation practitioners.

ACAL and ACFFL ATTORNEYS PROVIDE professional, public, and judicial education on adoption, assisted reproduction, guardianship, juvenile court adoption, and related topics.

ACAL and ACFFL ATTORNEYS ENCOURAGE fair and balanced family creation laws and regulations.

ACAL and ACFFL ATTORNEYS ADHERE to standards of ethical behavior which are more stringent than those of the State Bar of California. We continuously strive to increase the competence of adoption law and family formation practitioners, and do our best to prevent the exploitation of those involved in adoption or assisted reproduction matters.

ACAL and ACFFL ATTORNEYS ARE DEDICATED to providing competent and knowledgeable assistance to clients at each stage of family formation matters. Each lawyer has completed a minimum of 200 successful adoptions, or has other special expertise.